Working With The Life Force

Mittagong Chi Kung (Qigong) Group


Chi Kung Training

There is not an active class at this time. The information below only applies when a class is formed.

Group Practice

  • The group practices weekly at the TBA.. Practice starts at the TBA, and runs for for 1 hour. The schedule will be adjusted to account for public holidays, Easter and Xmas.

  • The general routine will be a meditation of approximately 8 minutes - warm ups followed by an opening session of 5 Elements Qigong (Wu Xing) - a break - a session on the form being learned - a closing meditation.

  • A session of acupressure points, or of Dao Yin may be included. Accupressure is the same points as accupuncture, and Dao Yin is a discipline of meridian testing and strengthening.

Classroom Setup and Return State

  • Chairs will be already placed in a circle upon arrival for the opening meditation. It will be appreciated if group members could assist in moving the chairs to clear the floor for practice, and again placing for the closing meditation.
  • Dependant on the weather, doors and windows may be open before group practice. It would be appreciated if group members could assist in closing the windows before departure.
  • The kitchen facility may be used. It would be appreciated if group members could assist by cleaning up after use.

Covid-19 Awareness and Precautions

Although no longer mainstream news, covid is still a risk. There are requirements by State Government and Council, as well as for who is responsible for an activity:

  • NSW Health strongly recommends people who are sick or have tested positive to COVID-19 to stay home until their symptoms have gone.

  • It is strongly recommended to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces and when you can’t physically distance from others.

  • Avoid close contact with people who have cold or flu-like symptoms.

  • Wash hands regularly, and use hand sanitiser if in contact with, e.g. shopping trolleys or objects handled by other people.

  • Due to contradictory information published on https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19, it is not in the interests of the passage of information to include anything else.

Masks and Hand Sanitiser

NSW Govt rules apply. The spacing for meditation and Qigong practice is 1.5 meters. It is therefore an individual decision to wear a mask:

  • During Qigong practice.
  • During Dao Yin when the spacing is less.

Hand sanitiser is encouraged, however it is also an individual decision.

Emergency Situations

  • A situation may arise where an evacuation is ordered or strongly suggested. The directions of fire authorities or police are to be followed until clear of the hall premises.

  • In the event of an emergency situation requiring cancellation of a practice day, that will be notified to group members via the communication means being used at the time.